When you look into a mirror, you should know that it was most likely produced with a Bovone silver mirror line

The premium world market for a silver mirror line is shared by Bovone with only one main competitor from Germany: the next time you stand in front of a mirror keep in mind that there is a high probability that that mirror was made with a mirrors silvering production line from Bovone.

If a company wants to equip itself with a plant that can guarantee high production rates, it purchases a Bovone silver mirror line that guarantees continuous 24-hour production for twenty years.

The highlight of Bovone’s production to this day are these silvering lines for mirror production: they are plants that process small size glass up to 6 meters by 3,2 meters with the exact same quality and precision. In 1954, when production was completely labor intensive, the founder of Elettromeccanica Bovone, Luigi Bovone, had the great intuition to automate the process by creating special machines. He started with the automation of the galvanic coppering process that protects the silver layer of the mirror, up to the complete mirrors silvering production line.

Today, with a Bovone silver mirror line, you start from the glass slab and, in a fully automated way, you get to the mirror. These are large lines that are designed and built on the specific needs of the client. The modularity with which these lines are designed and built along with the high integrability of the various components allows Bovone to offer a highly customized and progressively configurable silver mirror line: a line that grows as the client’s needs grow.

With a Bovone silver mirror line, you can produce flat mirrors for furniture or parabolic mirrors for solar power plants, up to laminated glass sheets for safety glass, while maintaining very high rates of quality and productivity.

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