The real differences between used straight line edging machines and a Bovone reconditioned grinding machine

A reconditioned machine from Bovone is not simply one of the used straight line edging machines put back on the market, after undergoing an inspection to verify its good condition. A used automatic glass straight line edging machine, reconditioned according to Bovone is a machine that comes to life again, after a careful process of analysis of every single component: Bovone’s experienced in-house technical team replaces with new parts all those parts and components that have worn out. The result of this process, which also applies to used glass beveling machines, is a new machine with a new serial number that enjoys the same sales conditions as a new machine in terms of warranty and after-sales service. The overhaul process that brings Bovone’s used glass working machines back up to the standards of excellence for which they are known and appreciated worldwide is very thorough, and some of the structural parts of the machine that are essential to guarantee quality and production processing standards, such as the tracks, are replaced with new parts. In general, however, the main components subject to the most wear and tear are replaced with new parts. Electrospindles are checked, cleaned and then tested so that they can deliver the same power performance as a new spindle. Bovone’s reconditioned used straight line edging machines benefit from a very thorough technical appraisal and overhaul by Bovone technicians that breathe new life into the machine: the restoration also covers the carterization of the machines, which are cleaned and repainted. The sturdy cast iron base, a trademark of Bovone machines, has construction features that not only give the machine great stability but also guarantee it a virtually infinite life cycle.

At the time of purchase, a used automatic glass straight line edging machine or the used glass beveling machines by Bovone, unlike other used glass working machines, carry with them, not only the advantage of being more economical, but the main strength turns out to be the high quality and productive processing levels they are able to guarantee.

Used straight line edging machines and used glass beveling machines reconditioned from Bovone are a guaranteed choice that allows, for a lower economic effort, that excellence performance in glass edge processing of Made in Bovone technologies.

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