The new range of automatic glass edging machine by Bovone: the ELB fully automatic range

Over the last two years Bovone has developed a new range of automatic glass edging machine, presenting the new ELB Fully Automatic series at Vitrum.

This new range of Bovone’s Fully Automatic grinding machines meets the Automation in the Glass Industry, which is looking for high productivity rates and constant high quality of the finished product.

Bovone’s ELB FA automatic glass edging machine brings, in fact, a significant improvement in the degree of edge machinery automation that translates into higher productivity and uncompromising quality.

Bovone develops these two aspects of production by acting on three main levels:


Let’s see in detail the technical aspects of these technological innovations:


The motor spindles are mounted on motorized slides that the automatic system controls to compensate the relative grinding wheel wear: these slides adjust the spindle heights through a powerful software that the user can use through an intuitive and easy to understand HMI. Thanks to this technological innovation, during the machining process, no manual adjustment is necessary to manage the increase of the grinding wheels according to their wear degree.

The automatic adjustment of the grinding wheel position can take place on the basis of three distinct parameters:

  • the linear meters of processed glass,
  • the level of electrical absorption of the spindles,
  • the combination of the two parameters.


A fundamental operation to safeguard the quality of the workmanship is the replacement of the grinding wheel: doing it at the right time means making the best use of the tool, obtaining and keeping constant the high quality level of the finish. To help the operator, Bovone has implemented on the ELB Fully Automatic range of automatic glass edging machine an acoustic and visual system that warns the operator of the need to replace the grinding wheel at the end of its life. This innovation makes it possible to continue the production cycle by drastically reducing the number of interruptions previously necessary to check the state of wear. In addition, this evaluation is no longer dependent on the subjectivity of the operator and his level of experience, which previously determined its success. The machine signals to the operator the exact moment when the tool is approaching the end of its life and therefore needs to be replaced. In this way, human error is prevented from jeopardizing the quality level of the machining process and keeping it constant.


Thanks to the automatic adjustment of the spindle height, the grinding wheel change of the machine is easier and faster. At the right moment, the operator, duly informed by the acoustic and visual alarm, starts from the screen the procedure of grinding wheel change: the spindle, so, lowers automatically leaving to the operator the space to replace the wheel in a comfortable and easy way. Once the operation is complete, the grinding wheel is positioned at the correct height in a completely automatic way, allowing the operator to start production again in a drastically shorter time compared to the same procedure carried out manually by inserting a sample glass in the machine.

To further facilitate and improve the machine set up procedures, Bovone has equipped the software with predefined recipes that can be recalled by the operator in a simple and intuitive way, so as to quickly start the production of the different batches while maintaining constant production parameters. In this way, the qualitative outcome of production is not dependent on the ability and subjective sensitivity of the individual operator working on that particular machine.

The entire Fully Automatic range of ELB automatic glass edging machine can be integrated into Bovone’s fully automated robotic systems: BRS, Bovone Robotic Systems, is specifically designed to improve the productivity and safety of operators during the processing of large sheets.

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