The 361+2 glass bevelling machine by Bovone is the ideal solution for the perfect polishing of the arris

The first glass beveling machine capable of working vertically was introduced by Bovone in 1974: a technological innovation that has left its mark on the world of glass working where, at that time, bevelling was a process entrusted to the manual skill of expert craftsmen.

Bovone’s straight-line bevelling machine 361+2 carries out the cerium polishing of the bevel, the grinding and polishing of the edge and, thanks to the extra wheel, also of the front arris, becoming thus the ideal solution for those who have to polish thicker arrises.

Grinding and polishing of edge, bevel and front arris in a single pass

Bovone’s straight-line bevelling machine 361+2 grinds and polishes the edge, the bevel and the front arris in a single passage: one of the great advantages for the operator is the drastic reduction in the need for handling the slab, increasing the productivity of the working cycle.

Thanks to the polishing wheel in the second position for the polishing of the front arris, an excellent polishing is obtained

The configuration of the wheels allows to obtain an excellent degree of polishing of both the bevel and the front arris. The addition of a polishing wheel dedicated to the front arris, in fact, is designed for the need to obtain an excellent level of finish of the front arris in those processes where this must be more visible.

The advantages generated by Bovone’s excellence in construction and design

The absence of vibrations, guaranteed by the sturdy cast iron base and the high grip capacity of the transport track, which has a holding capacity of 250 kg/m, ensure that the glass remains firmly in position. This translates into the quality of the bevel finish.

In order to obtain high quality in the process, the Bovone straight-line bevelling machine 361+2, like all models in the range, is able to make a perfect straight line in the corner of the glass between the horizontal and vertical bevel lines. This feature is particularly appreciated in sectors characterized by high standards.

Robust machine for a high and constant quality level even in when high demanding production cycles are requested

The construction project of the 361+2 glass beveling machine has given life to a solid product, with very few downtimes and reduced maintenance, capable of achieving first-rate finishes with superior productivity.

The Bovone glass beveling machine models are managed by dedicated software that guides the user in a simple and immediate use of the machine even during the first working cycles.

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