Stonedge 11/45 is among Bovone’s straight-line edging machines for stone the model for those looking for versatility, speed and precision

Relying on Bovone’s straight-line edging machines for stone means securing your company’s productivity: Bovone, in fact, has been building edge polishing technology for more than sixty years. Know-how, experience and the drive for the highest level of production quality are traits that, from the production dedicated to the world of glass, permeate the technologies Bovone dedicates to stone processing.

Among these we find the Stonedge 11/45, a model whose performance characteristics provide a timely response to the needs of the world of processing ceramic agglomerates that reproduce natural stone. The Stonedge 11/45 model is a stone straight edge grinding machine that performs variable angle processing of flat edge and arrises. In addition to straight edge processing with miter and arris in a single pass, the machine is also capable of grinding profiles up to 45° with such precise levels of finish that no subsequent hand processing is necessary: the slabs can therefore be paired with great precision, thus securing the natural stone effect given by the continuity of the texture.

The quality of the cut achieved with Bovone’s straight-line edging machines for stone exceeds the quality and speed of processing of other technologies – water cutting and traditional edge polishers – used in the stone industry. The vertical orientation of the piece, together with hig-level engineering solutions – particularly of the front and rear tracks – and the sturdy cast-iron basement – a trademark of Bovone machines – guarantee great stability during grinding, and this translates into excellent, definitive levels of finish: when they leave the edging machine, the pieces are ready to be assembled. Avoiding hand grinding and inspection steps reduces production costs and the potential risk of piece breakage as a result of piece handling. The use of a cast iron base is a unique solution in the market along with special engineering of the front and rear tracks that allow unmatched gripping power per meter.

Bovone’s straight-line edging machines for stone guarantee perfect finishes and constant high speed: the co-presence of these two aspects means that stone straight edge grinding machine such as the Stonedge 11/45 is the ideal investment for both the large company looking for industrial production and the small laboratory seeking quality and flexibility.

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