I am extremely happy with this machine. Someone mentioned making it for 2500 dollars… What I have to say about that is that SEAM could be charging more for this machine, but he is not. I think, from my research, I have received a fantastic deal on a very well built machine. I would have no problem recommending the tabletop machine to anyone… Especially at the price point.


Been working on the lathe for a couple weeks now and my overall impression is still positive. Hard to say much more about it than that it runs true, as that’s my primary concern when working on a lathe. The chucks are pretty sweet to work with; now that I have the choreography down it’s really nice to have the metal tubing to grab onto for quick changes of glass. The tailstock and fire carriage have gotten much smoother after getting use and greased up. Motor is fairly quiet, pretty much the same as my buddy’s American Lathe. Really enjoying the 85mm bore, been working some 65mm now that I don’t have to worry about hand spinning. Not much to complain about.

Herbie Boo Boo

I definitely recommend this lathe to any Glassblower looking to step their game up but don’t want to fork out 10k+At the price we got these for I have already happily made my money back.

I am loving my SEAM bench top lathe… I have completed a few projects in which having the lathe mad life so much easier. I have absolutely ZERO complaints. 

I purchased a lathe and was pleased with the shipment the customer service was great. The 50mm lathe works fine. Thought I was having an issue with it he offered to send a technician to work on it and just sent a new machine to me no questions asked! Super pleased with the purchase and the customer service and the equipment! Would recommend to others for sure! 


I just pulled the trigger and ordered the bench top with the 75mm chucks and 85mm bore. SEAM is doing the free shipping thing until end of February, being in Alaska I jumped on this deal! I ordered and the next day received shipping confirmation for 1 week. So 2 more days Shout out to Phantom glass I dropped him a line after seeing his posting and was able to ask questions. I will post pictures as soon as I can.