Jolly 4.0 the flat edge straight grinding machines by Bovone is the ideal 45° profile grinding machine.

Jolly 4.0 is the flat edge straight grinding machines made in BOVONE, designed and built with the purpose to become the indispensable tool for marble workers when processing miter edges. The 45 ° profile grinding machine, functional for preparing edges to be joined by gluing, therefore optimises production in applications such as the construction of kitchen tops, the finishing of the edge of splashbacks, skirting boards and pieces of low heights. Jolly 4.0 is the only straight grinding machines flat edge that can work pieces of minimum height up to 30 mm. This machine represents the perfect balance between high productivity and containment of operating and investment costs.

Jolly 4.0 is straight grinding machines flat edge that can guarantee speed, reliability and maximum precision in grinding even at 45°. The design and construction of the machine are in line with Bovone’s standards of excellence and favour maximum simplicity of use, sturdiness and long-term reliability even in the face of demanding production cycles. Bovone’s grinding technology is made to guarantee high performance over time and to last longer than any other machine. Bovone’s after-sales service plays a fundamental role in maintaining unaltered performances over time.

The grinding machine works with 4 diamond wheels: the first three in a fixed position (variable angle from 45° to 46.5°) deputed to inclined edge and the fourth peripheral wheel for the simultaneous execution of flat threading or the edge radius.

The Bovone range, the processes and the materials.

Bovone machines range for processing natural and synthetic stone is suitable to all types of edge processing, from the simple Jolly with fixed wheels for making 45° profiles to the more complex machines equipped with variable angle, rear calibration and edge radius, ideal for complex and precision processing especially of kitchen tops

Bovone’s edgers for marble and granite are applicable to natural stone, ceramics and technical composite materials and carry out the Bovone excellents standards for which the company is well-known in the world of glass.

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