How to Choose the Right Glass Lathe for You


Glass lathes, also called glass blowing lathes, are tools used by companies and hobbyists alike. Lathes rotate, expand, and shape glass for many different applications. One of the most well-known uses for a glass lathe is for scientific or medical purposes.

The reason glass lathes are so popular for such precise work is because it is easier to create smaller objects in a more uniform way without the variances of standard glass blowing techniques. But how do you know what glass lathe to buy? You know you need to buy a glass blowing lathe, but should it be a benchtop glass lathe or a floor model lathe? You certainly don’t want to just buy whatever glass lathe is for sale the cheapest. To ensure you are buying what you need, we’ve compiled several types of glass lathes and some tips on how to choose the right one for you.

Types of Lathes

Lathes are designed to hold glass tubes in place while they rotate. During this process, a heat source is applied to soften the glass. This allows the glass blower to combine different types of glass and shape the glass without it cooling too quickly. One of the most beneficial aspects of this method is that the glass is heated more evenly. Ultimately, what you want to use the lathe for, and the space you have available, will dictate which style you purchase.

Bench Top Lathes

We offer bench top glass lathes in three different sizes:

Floor Model Lathes

The floor model lathes come in 3 sizes as well:

The smaller the bore, the more delicate the project it can handle. If you plan on making large glass pieces, then a larger model may work better for your needs.

Make sure to measure your space. Before you look for a glass lathe for sale, you need to know exactly what size of a glass blowing lathe you can fit while also keeping in mind the maximum project size for each machine. The weight and dimensions of each lathe can be found on our website.

Each type of glass blowing lathe has unique features, and they’re all a little different from the next. You don’t want to accidentally buy a benchtop glass lathe if a floor model would be a better fit for your needs. Being informed about not only lathes themselves but also about your specific use and application will go a long way in helping you decide what American glass lathe to buy.

It is likely that you already know what you are looking to make with your glass lathe and you aren’t sure of the exact size you need. Luckily, you can call us with any questions you have or to confirm your own thoughts. The expert team at SEAM Glass Lathe can help!

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