Our scientific glassblowing machines are used to hold, heat, and work on glass tubings to make scientific glass apparatus, glass rods, art glass, and more.


What We Offer

50mm & 85mm Bore Bench Top SEAM Glass Blowing Lathes

85mm & 120mm Bore Floor Model SEAM Glass Blowing Lathes


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Our Products

Bench Top Lathes

Bench Top Lathes

Lathe | Table Model | 85mm Bore
50-mm Bore 85-mm Bore 85-mm Bore Longbed

Floor Model Lathes

Floor Model Lathes

Lathe Floor Model
85-mm Bore 120-mm Bore

If the lathe is damaged, please do not accept it at the time of delivery for hassle-free returns.

Nationwide Shipping and Technical Support

We provide technical support for all of our machines, and ship to all 50 states. For questions regarding shipping rates, technical support, or general inquiries, call or contact us.

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