Elettromeccanica Bovone’s ELB 10+1: the ultimate glass working machine for versatility and productivity with dubbing device integrated

Glass processing is an essential part of many industries, including construction, automotive, and furniture production. One of the key components of this process is the use of a specialized glass working machine.

Elettromeccanica Bovone is a leading manufacturer of Glass processing machines, and their ELB 10+1 model is a prime example of the high-quality machinery they produce.

ELB 10+1 is a versatile and powerful glass working machine that is designed for processing edges of glass sheets of different sizes and thicknesses.

ELB 10+1 is capable of fully automatic glass vertex dubbing, but with a simple presetting, if the processing batch does not require it, it is a step that can be bypassed.

In addition to its functionality, ELB 10+1 is built with a robust and compact structure that eliminates the possibility of machine torsion guaranteeing high precision grinding and polishing. Processing the glass with liquid cerium, edge polishing levels reach excellence for those applications where aesthetics are an absolute priority.

ELB 10+1 is equipped with an automatic grinding wheel wear compensation system that optimises the use of abrasives, guaranteeing consistently high glass processing quality. In order to increase process automation, ELB 10+1 can be integrated with an anthropomorphic robot for handling the sheets during loading and unloading.

Elettromeccanica Bovone has a reputation for producing reliable, precise, and user-friendly glass processing machines. ELB 10+1 is no exception, and it has become a popular choice among those in the glass industry. This machine is widely used in the construction, automotive and furniture production industry. It is widely known for its high-quality performance, durability, and ease of use.

In conclusion, glass processing is a vital aspect of many industries, and the use of a specialized glass working machine like ELB 10+1 is crucial for achieving the desired results.

Elettromeccanica Bovone is a trusted name in the production of glass processing machines, and their ELB 10+1 model is the best choice for those in the glass industry. With its versatility, precision, and ease of use, this glass working machine is an excellent investment for any company involved in this business.

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