Elb 102 the straight-line edging machine made in bovone: Great versatility and cost reduction in glass edge polishing

The offer that Bovone makes available to the glass processing market is the result of the harmonious synergy of the different souls and forces that inhabit the company: commercial management, production, research and development.

The capillary sales force in close contact with the various international markets intercepts and transmits internally the trends and needs of a market in continuous and sudden evolution.

In order to meet one of these needs, Bovone has carried out, in synergy with the subsidiary BDT, an in-depth study supported by extensive empirical bases on the configurations of grinding wheels. This study has defined new configurations that give Elb 102, the 10-wheel straight edger from Bovone, a significant upgrade in terms of versatility and production cost containment, while maintaining the high quality finishing standards for which the machine is known worldwide.

Bovone has studied and tested 3 different configurations modulating two fundamental variables:

  • – the polishing quality
  • – the life cycle of the wheel setup

By equipping itself with these three configurations, the customer will be able to respond promptly to large orders from industrial glass shops and, at the same time, will be able to be the right partner for the customer looking for the highest quality finish.

Industrial glass shops, pushed to very high production rates, can therefore count on a technological partner that puts them in a position to compete successfully on the market: 2 diamond rubber wheels in 5th and 6th position (RS80 and RS120) will produce a good quality of polishing and at the same time will have a very long life cycle with a very low cost of the wheel itself compared to other polishing wheels. Tests carried out internally show that with this configuration, about 340,000 meters processed can be obtained with processing speeds of up to 4 meters per minute. The immediate advantage for the customer is the reduction of operating costs but also the reduction of machine downtime due to the replacement of grinding wheels. When working with large numbers these aspects can become very critical and the optimizations studied and implemented by Bovone have significant positive implications on the production results of the customers.

With Elb 102 the customer will be able to calibrate the production to high polishing standards when required by the order specification: it is possible to increase the quality of the glass by mounting in 3rd and 4th position two resin wheels and in 5th and 6th position two polishing wheels.

It should be noted that Bovone has equipped the motor that feeds the grinding wheel in the 5th position with a speed selector that allows it to switch when required from 1,400 to 2,800 rpm so as to ensure optimum operation according to the different types of wheels mounted on board.

Again with a view to optimizing production, the operator’s intervention is limited to an adjustment on the grinding wheel in the 4th position every 400 m or so and on the grinding wheel in the 3rd position every 1000 m or so of meters worked. The machine is also equipped with an automatic wheel wear recovery system on the grinding wheels in 5th and 6th position and the spindles themselves have an air adjustment system to optimize the consumption of abrasives and increase their life cycle while maintaining virtually unchanged performance.

Performing internal empirical tests on the final product allows Bovone to improve the product in terms of advantages for the final customer: this intense testing and research activity is the natural consequence of Bovone’s attitude to listen to the real needs of the customer in order to provide effective and decisive answers.

The table below shows the consumption data of the wheels configured in standard mode:

3rd position 0,04 mm 0,1 mm 260.000 m
4th position 0,04 mm 0,1 mm 260.000 m
5th position 0,03 mm 0,075 mm 346.000 m
6th position 0,2 mm 0,5 mm 52.000 m

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