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What are the Different Types of Laboratory Supplies?

There are numerous types of laboratories. These include those used for forensics, medical analysis, and research and development. Since different types of testing require different equipment, laboratory supplies can greatly vary. Some items, however, can be considered common in laboratories, including computers, microscopes, and Bunsen burners. Most modern laboratories have computers. One of the main […]

Bovone’s robotic automation of glass manufacturing takes companies to a higher level of productivity

Bovone Robotic System is the integrated system of Bovone for the robotic automation of glass manufacturing which integrates inside a robotized station two straight-line edging machines, a vertical washing machine and two or three anthropomorphic articulated multi-axis robots for the handling of the glass slabs. BRS among the automated solutions for glass manufacturing available on […]

Stonedge 11/45 is among Bovone’s straight-line edging machines for stone the model for those looking for versatility, speed and precision

Relying on Bovone’s straight-line edging machines for stone means securing your company’s productivity: Bovone, in fact, has been building edge polishing technology for more than sixty years. Know-how, experience and the drive for the highest level of production quality are traits that, from the production dedicated to the world of glass, permeate the technologies Bovone […]

Bovone’s ELB 102: perfect edge flatness guaranteed by bovone’s straight-line edging machine for flat edge

The perfect edge flatness guaranteed by Bovone’s Elb102 straight line edging machine for flat edge is closely linked to a distinctive and exclusive technical feature that cuts across the entire range of Bovone edging machines. Elb 102, a straight line flat edging machine, is equipped with a grinding wheel train consisting of ten wheels, the […]

When you look into a mirror, you should know that it was most likely produced with a Bovone silver mirror line

The premium world market for a silver mirror line is shared by Bovone with only one main competitor from Germany: the next time you stand in front of a mirror keep in mind that there is a high probability that that mirror was made with a mirrors silvering production line from Bovone. If a company […]


At this year’s Glasstec Bovone will exhibit at its booth C41 in Hall 16 of the Düsseldorf fairgrounds the BRS fully automated robotic system which integrates, inside a robotized station, two straight-line edging machines ELB Fully Automatic – an ELB 11/45 FA and an ELB 12 HS – a vertical washing machine, three anthropomorphic articulated […]


Bovone Stonedge range is able to carry out any type of edge processing, from the simple Jolly with fixed wheels to make 45 ° profiles, to the more complex machines equipped with variable angle, rear grinding and edge radiusing, ideal for complex and precision machining especially kitchen countertops. From the first cutting of the piece […]

The real differences between used straight line edging machines and a Bovone reconditioned grinding machine

A reconditioned machine from Bovone is not simply one of the used straight line edging machines put back on the market, after undergoing an inspection to verify its good condition. A used automatic glass straight line edging machine, reconditioned according to Bovone is a machine that comes to life again, after a careful process of […]

The Bovone Jolly 4.0 straight grinding machines flat edge makes the perfect inclined edge for preparing slabs to be joined.

Bovone’s Jolly 4.0 is the ideal straight grinding machines flat edge for 45° edge processing of ceramic, natural stone (marble, granite, quartz etc.) and engineered stone (dekton, laminam, cosentino etc.). It guarantees an excellent quality of finish by facilitating the gluing and coupling of the slabs and protecting the aesthetic appearance of the edge when […]

Bovone’s horizontal and vertical washing machine ranges: reliability, high quality washing and drying, ease of integration and modularity

Bovone’s range of BWM horizontal washing machines and BVR vertical washing machines are made entirely of stainless steel and enable washing and drying with great results of glass slabs of all types and sizes, even the largest ones intended for different applications in construction. Sturdy, solid, reliable and high-performance machines for optimal washing and drying. […]