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What Is a Quartz Crucible?

According to Wise-Geek: A quartz crucible is a cup or bowl-shaped container made from quartz glass. It is used for holding and heating materials in laboratories and in certain industrial applications like the manufacture of silicon wafers for microchips and in solar cell industry. A quartz crucible can be very small or as large as […]

The new range of automatic glass edging machine by Bovone: the ELB fully automatic range

Over the last two years Bovone has developed a new range of automatic glass edging machine, presenting the new ELB Fully Automatic series at Vitrum. This new range of Bovone’s Fully Automatic grinding machines meets the Automation in the Glass Industry, which is looking for high productivity rates and constant high quality of the finished […]

What is the Difference Between Fused Silica and Quartz

According to Difference Between: The key difference between fused silica and quartz is that fused silica contains non-crystalline silica glass whereas quartz contains crystalline silica. Fused silica is also known as fused quartz. It is a glass containing almost pure silica in an amorphous form. Quartz, on the other hand, is a mineral compound containing […]

Low-carbon labware: Setting the standard for product transparency and sustainability

As many scientists will understand, seeking out the best plastic consumables for your research is already a challenge. One must ensure high resistance to chemicals, the right purity to avoid contamination, and precise product design and function, among other considerations. This is why environmental factors like a product’s carbon footprint and recyclability were often an […]

Jolly 4.0 the flat edge straight grinding machines by Bovone is the ideal 45° profile grinding machine.

Jolly 4.0 is the flat edge straight grinding machines made in BOVONE, designed and built with the purpose to become the indispensable tool for marble workers when processing miter edges. The 45 ° profile grinding machine, functional for preparing edges to be joined by gluing, therefore optimises production in applications such as the construction of […]

Global Labware Market Outlook & Forecast Report 2022-2027 Featuring Prominent Vendors

The development of the laboratory glassware market is linked with the growth of industries like petrochemicals, polymer chemistry, and pharmaceuticals. Numerous manufacturers of laboratory glassware majorly rely on exports for commercial accomplishment. Factors such as the increasing number of R&D laboratories, rising demand for plasticware and glassware products for clinical use in hospitals and forensic […]

The Bovone compact laminated glass production line: small footprint excellent performance

The reduced footprint of the Bovone laminated glass production line allows the installation in limited spaces: to optimize the space, the layout of the line foresees the loading and washing station developed vertically. The lifting carriage in charge of picking up the glasses from the vertical washing machine allows loading and unloading by tilting the […]

A Visual Guide to Chemistry Glassware

Glassware in the laboratory comes in a range of different shapes and sizes, and is used for a number of purposes. Don’t know your round-bottomed flask from your Florence flask, or your pipettes from your burettes? This graphic has you covered. Below there’s also a little detail on the usage of each. Basic Glassware Basic […]

The 361+2 glass bevelling machine by Bovone is the ideal solution for the perfect polishing of the arris

The first glass beveling machine capable of working vertically was introduced by Bovone in 1974: a technological innovation that has left its mark on the world of glass working where, at that time, bevelling was a process entrusted to the manual skill of expert craftsmen. Bovone’s straight-line bevelling machine 361+2 carries out the cerium polishing […]