Bovone’s robotic system glass processing guarantees more automation and speed

A lot of work in developing a new robotic system glass processing has been done in recent years in Bovone. The result is the BRS Bovone Robotic System for robotic glass processing. This system is designed to automate the production flow of glass edging, making it faster and more automatic.

BRS is a robotic glass processing station where two straight-line edging machines, a vertical washing machine and two or three anthropomorphic articulated multi-axis robots operate in a totally automatic way. The robotic system glass processing is driven by advanced sensors and software that ensure really accurate positioning and manipulating. This level of precision ensures that each piece of glass is processed to the highest quality standards. BRS is user-friendly thanks to the intuitive and easy to use HMI system interface, allowing operators to quickly set up and run processing sequences.

BRS can:

  1. increase automation levels in production by minimizing operator-machine interaction
  2. optimize production, reducing costs and enhancing production speed leading to a faster overall production cycle and higher output
  3. increase flexibility with Bovone’s Fully Automatic Edging machines that switch quickly from one batch to another
  4. boast a further benefit in the form of exceptional precision. Thanks to its state-of-the-art sensors and software, the robotic arm is capable of handling glass with accuracy up to the millimeter. This level of precision guarantees that every piece of glass undergoes processing of the utmost quality
  5. show great flexibility as it can effortlessly adjust to manage diverse sizes and shapes of glass. Moreover, the robotic arm is highly versatile and can be programmed to perform a wide range of tasks, from simple pick-and-place operations to complex processing sequences
  6. lowers the risks upon operators and manual glass handling: by reducing operator-machine interaction, and thanks to a range of safety features the possibility of operator injury and damage to the glass is lower

The anthropomorphic articulated robots can be supplied also stand-alone, applied to existing edgers or as customized robotic glass processing system based on specific needs.

Bovone BRS is robotic system glass processing solution that answer perfectly to glass industry 4.0 needs in terms of productivity, quality, automation and reliability.

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