Bovone’s robotic automation of glass manufacturing takes companies to a higher level of productivity

Bovone Robotic System is the integrated system of Bovone for the robotic automation of glass manufacturing which integrates inside a robotized station two straight-line edging machines, a vertical washing machine and two or three anthropomorphic articulated multi-axis robots for the handling of the glass slabs. BRS among the automated solutions for glass manufacturing available on the market today is gaining great approval: there are many companies in the world that have significantly increased their productivity thanks to BRS.

The synergy between the multi-axis articulated robots and the new fully automatic edging machine models by Bovone allows a considerable increase in productivity, a reduction in process costs and greater safety for the operator especially when processing large slabs.

BRS responds to Industry 4.0 protocols: the system, in fact, is equipped with fully connectable technology for traceability and self-adjustment of production parameters. The robots can be supplied in different layouts: the layout that integrates 3 robots also automates the slab unloading phase once the polishing and washing process is completed.

Bovone calibrated its robotic solutions by tuning the design to four cardinal points that represent the main current desires of the glass manufacturing industry:

  1. Improve process automation by minimizing operator-machine interaction
  2. Lowering production costs by reducing downtime and standardizing the qualitative output of grinding increasing this way production for the same amount of time
  3. Increase flexibility thanks to machines capable of rapidly switching from one batch to another
  4. Lower the risks related to production: by reducing the operator-machine interaction the possibility of injury for the operator and the possibility of damaging the glass is lower.

Great success for BRS the automated solutions for glass manufacturing from Bovone

Client’s testimonials are all centered on the cardinal points of productivity, flexibility and safety and confirm the success that this solution is having in the glass manufacturing industry:

Mike Cully, President & Owner of United Plate Glass, says, “We were looking for two new edging machines in 2019 and getting Bovone involved was a natural fit. When they introduced us to their BRS we immediately knew that was the direction we needed to go to handle our current demand, but it also in order to support our growth. The system has been up and running for about a year now and we have seen an increase in productivity and the noticeable improvement in working conditions… We at UPG couldn’t be more pleased with our decision and would recommend it to anyone in the industry.”

Shane Merryman, President & CEO of Consolidated Glass has been working with BRS since 2017: “BRS has been a turning point in our manufacturing history: since it was purchased in 2017, it has allowed us to increase our production by over 30% by automating what was previously a labor-intensive process. This system has allowed us to dramatically reduce our lead times across the board!

Rob Carlson, Head of Engineering at Tristar Glass confirms, “I was extremely impressed with the performance of BRS the Bovone robotic grinding system. This system for robotic automation of glass manufacturing has effectively doubled our production without increasing the level of employment of our labor force and has made the entire operation safer“.

Automation of production processes is the field where competitive success is played out today: BRS’ robotic automation of glass manufacturing takes companies’ production to a new level of productivity, giving a big boost to their competitiveness and sustaining it in the long term thanks to the reliability of the technologies and the competence and efficiency of the service.

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