Bovone’s ELB 102: perfect edge flatness guaranteed by bovone’s straight-line edging machine for flat edge

The perfect edge flatness guaranteed by Bovone’s Elb102 straight line edging machine for flat edge is closely linked to a distinctive and exclusive technical feature that cuts across the entire range of Bovone edging machines. Elb 102, a straight line flat edging machine, is equipped with a grinding wheel train consisting of ten wheels, the first six of which are dedicated to flat edge. Of these six, the first four positions are responsible for grinding the flat edge and consist of metallic and resin diamond wheels, which can be configured in different combinations, according to the productivity or polishing quality needed.

The technical datum responsible for the perfect flatness of the edge is the fixed position of the spindles connected to these wheels, a distinctive technical solution of Elb102: through the use of four fixed wheels, Elb 102 delivers to the last two wheels, dedicated to polishing the flat edge, a glass that is already flat precisely because these wheels do not employ any pneumatic wear compensation system that would affect the accuracy of the glass removal rate. The spindles that make these first four grinding wheels work are positioned on slides, made of mechanical cast iron, which give great stability to the grinding wheel, which, therefore, during the removal machining will remain at the stable dimension thus obtaining, already during grinding, perfect flatness.

In addition to the high quality and precision of the removal during the grinding phase, there is also the quality of the polishing phase to which the last two flat edge grinding wheels are dedicated: these two cerium-impregnated felt wheels carry out a perfect polishing of the flat edge, delivering glass with edges that are distinguished by a very high quality of finish, which is fundamental in those application areas connoted by very important aesthetic requirements such as architecture and design.

For those applications then in which large batches are made and need to optimize production times, it is important to emphasize that the Elb 102 straight line edging machine for flat edge is capable of working at constant speeds that are over 2.5 meters/minute. The ability then to integrate Elb 102, straight line edging machine for flat edge into automated robotic systems increases productivity even more with significant time-to-market advantages.

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