Bovone’s bevel machine for glass models: high innovation and quality ensure glassworks productivity and fine finishes

With more than half a century of experience in the industry, Bovone’s models of bevel machine for glass provide the market with the best solutions from the perspective of processing quality and productivity.

Bovone’s first glass bevel machine capable of performing glass bevelling vertically and in fully automatic mode was introduced by Bovone in 1974: a leadership that Bovone prolongs to this day, establishing itself as the undisputed leader in the design and production of high-quality bevelling machines by offering the best solutions, intended for both large industrial production and the processing of smaller pieces.

The evolution of the bevel machine

Since Bovone introduced its first straight-line bevel machine back in 1974, the landscape of glass processing has been significantly transformed. Prior to this innovation, glass beveling was primarily a manual process. However, the revolution began with the creation of a glass bevel machine designed to work vertically, cutting beveling time in half and paving the way for the industrialization of a process that was once the preserve of skilled craftsmen.

The superior quality of Bovone machines

Bovone’s various models of bevel machine for glass are internationally recognized for their reliability, quality of workmanship and very high productivity. These machines are built with a sturdy cast iron base, a hallmark of Made in Bovone construction excellence. Thanks to the use of tracks that guarantee the workpiece’s immobility, Bovone machines offer amazing results on two pivotal aspects of bevel machining: the polish of the machined surface, free of visible scratches, and flatness, with a perfectly straight bevel line free of waviness.

Choice and Versatility

Bovone offers a diverse range of glass bevel machine models, each designed to meet specific needs. From Series 2, which includes models with two bevel polishing wheels, perfect for achieving excellent quality at low operating costs, to the multifunction Series 4, which adds front arris grinding to standard bevel and edge machining.

Key Benefits for Customers

There are three good reasons to choose Bovone glass beveling machines:

  • Time Safe Investment: a Bovone bevel machine is a safe investment to ensure business productivity. The machine’s reliability is backed by prompt and qualified service.
  • Vanguard Solutions: Bovone’s technological solutions are the result of major investments in research and development, guided by knowledge of the world of glass, where the company has been operating for over half a century.
  • Speed and Finishing: Bovone machines offer uncompromising quality and production speed, guaranteeing excellent production performance and high standards.

In an industry that is constantly evolving, Bovone’s wide range of bevel machine for glass is distinguished by a history of innovation, quality workmanship, and long-lasting reliability.

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