Bovone stone straight-line edgers: discover how the pluses of the Stonedge 15/45 and Stonedge 15/45 radius models adhere to the needs of kitchen countertop manufacturers

The Stonedge 15/45 and Stonedge 15/45 Radius models represent the natural evolution of the Stonedge 11/45 model in the panorama of stone straight-line edgers.

Among the range of straight-line edging machines for stone, the Stonedge 15/45 model is particularly suitable for the processing of kitchen countertops because, in addition to the possibility of simultaneous edging and polishing of the variable angle edge and of the back and front arrises, thanks to the two grinding wheels in addition to those positioned on the tilting carriage, it also performs flat edge edging in a single pass, thus drawing the profiles required in the production of kitchen countertops. A multifunctional machine that gives the possibility of performing three processes in a single pass, generating a significant advantage in terms of productivity: reducing, in fact, the handling of the workpiece – which does not have to enter the machine twice – the risks of breakage inherent in the handling of the slab are lowered together with the production times

The top level design and engineering typically Made in Bovone gives the machine great stability, ensuring vibration-free machining, allowing the slab to remain perfectly in place throughout the machining cycle.

Bovone’s design focus on the application worlds to which it addresses its technological offerings does not stop here. In fact, the Stonedge 15/45 model is equipped with an additional productive plus that, among the straight-line edging machines for stone, makes it a model designed and calibrated to the needs of kitchen top manufacturers: the configuration of the edging wheels also includes a system for calibrating the thickness of the back of the slab. The presence of this system – a function delegated to two specifically dedicated fixed edging wheels- is useful in making the cantilevered section of the back of the kitchen countertop perfectly flat: that section, that is, exposed to the user’s sight and touch. For this reason, the fine finishing, guaranteed by Bovone technology, responds to the high aesthetic standards of the world of design and furniture.

Always tuning in to the frequencies of users of its technologies dedicated to stone processing, Bovone designed and built the Stonedge 15/45 Radius variant, which, in addition to edging and calibrating, performs edge radiusing and interrupted arrises machining, making it a particularly popular tool among countertop manufacturers.

Two models of high-performance stone straight-line edgers that guarantee perfect, high-quality finishes of stone materials.

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