Innovation and excellence in glass working

In the world of glass working, Bovone has always been a benchmark for innovation, quality and reliability.

In 1974, the year in which Bovone introduced the first straight-line bevelling machine into the flat glass production industry, a real milestone was deposited; a watershed moment in which automation entered a phase of glass manufacturing that until then had been entrusted exclusively to the craftsmanship of skilled labor. Prior to this innovation, in fact, glass beveling was mainly a manual process, but Bovone bevelling machines revolutionized the rules of the glass industry: they were the first machines designed to process glass in a vertical position, drastically reducing production time and paving the way for the industrialization of a process that was previously the prerogative of skilled craftsmen.

Today, Bovone bevelling machines are internationally recognized for their reliability, quality of finish and very high productivity. These machines are built to last, with a sturdy cast iron base and tracks that firmly hold the glass being processed, ensuring a polished surface with no visible scratches and a perfectly straight bevel line.

The bevel finish achieved with a Bovone machine is top-notch, and this, combined with fast lead times, versatility and customization capabilities, guarantees customers superior productivity.

Bovone’s wide range of beveling machines can cover the totality of the needs that come from the jagged world of the glass production industry: from the requirements in terms of quality level of the small laboratory, to the search for the highest possible productivity of the large industrial glassworks, Bovone’s beveling machines are able to meet every need. From Series 2, most suitable for a search for the highest quality of finish without losing sight of production costs, to the multifunctional Series 4, which offers high production flexibility that puts the customer in a position to be able to manage even the most complex jobs in-house.

The history of Bovone straight-line bevellers is a testament to continuous innovation and commitment to quality in the glass working industry.

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