Beveling of glass in the name of quality and convenience according to Bovone: the 251 and 252 models

The state of the art in beveling of glass was defined by Bovone in 1974, when the company introduced the first linear beveling machine to the market, thus revolutionizing the beveling of glass process, which, until then, was performed mainly in manual mode.

Thanks to this innovation, Bovone reduced the time required to make the bevel and made possible the industrialization of a traditionally artisanal process.

Bovone’s 251 and 252 glass beveling machines models represent the perfect combination of bevel finish quality and optimization of investment and production costs. They are the ideal choice for glass shops looking for a small glass beveling machine that can deliver excellent results without compromising productivity.

Today, Bovone bevelling machines are internationally recognized for their extreme reliability, quality of workmanship and very high productivity. These machines are built with excellent materials, such as the sturdy cast iron base, which ensure a solid structure and the absence of vibrations during the machining cycle. This results in first-rate finishes, total absence of visible scratches, and a perfectly straight bevel line with no ripples. In fact, Bovone’s design and construction skills are reflected in these bevellers, which offer exceptional structural solidity and stability: cast iron base and the transport track, capable of holding 250 kg/m, guarantee an absolute grip of the glass being processed that remains perfectly in place during the machining cycle, ensuring a straight, polished bevel.

The 251 and 252 Series 2 models of Bovone beveling machines combine good bevel finish quality with effective management of investment and production costs.

The simple and intuitive operation of the Bovone bevelers allows immediate productivity, even for less experienced operators.

The 251 and 252 models of Bovone straight-line beveling machines are therefore a balanced choice for glass shops seeking quality, convenience and productivity. With their solid construction, flawless finish with which the processed glass comes out, and ease of use, these machines bring together high-quality results without losing sight of efficiency in the beveling of glass cycle.

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