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QSI Quartz Shares Top 12 Types of Glassware used in Laboratories • QSI Quartz

As reported by Medium in their article “TOP 12 DIFFERENT TYPES OF GLASSWARE IN LABORATORY,” quartz glass is one of many types of glass that could be found in a laboratory setting and it comes in various forms as well. “Investing in various types of lab glassware that match your needs is a critical step […]

Cleaning Different Types of Labware with QSI Quartz • QSI Quartz

According to Conduct Science in their article “How to Clean and Handle the Different Types of Lab Glassware,” handling the different types of labware can be daunting, but learning how to take care of each can make it easier. “Since glass is inert, chemically neutral, and heat-resistant, lab glassware does not interact with the chemicals […]

Quartz Usage in Watches Explained by Quartz Scientific Inc. • QSI Quartz

According to LiveScience in their article “Why Is Quartz Used in Watches?,” from the face to some of the inner workings, quartz is a versatile material used in watch making. “Quartz makes for highly accurate timekeepers, but it’s also cheaper to slip a bit of quartz into a watch than to manufacture a bunch of […]

Quartz Scientific Inc. Glass Beads Offer Labs Perfect Solution • QSI Quartz

According to Chemistry World in their article “Glass beads offer simple solution to dispensing tiny amounts of solid reagents,” something as small as a glass bead can make a large impact on the efficiency of your laboratory. “The team uses an acoustic mixer to coat the beads – acoustic energy adheres the chemicals to their […]

Doug Mangus steps down from position with Bovone North America

Bovone North America announces that Doug Mangus has stepped down from his position as General Manager within the subsidiary. Doug Mangus has played a crucial role in contributing to the success and growth of Bovone North America during his tenure, and we are grateful for his commitment and dedication in advancing our company’s mission. We […]

Understanding Fused Quartz with Quartz Scientific Inc. • QSI Quartz

As reported by Highly Educated in their article “THERMAL SHOCK VS TENSILE STRENGTH: A COMPARISON STUDY,” it is important to understand the differences between these two properties when it comes to choosing the right quartz solution. “These same users would probably be surprised to know that quartz is significantly more likely to shatter on impact […]

Quartz Scientific Inc. Excels in Laboratory Rods • QSI Quartz

According to ASES Chem in their article “Everything You Need to Know About Glass Rods and their Uses in Laboratories,” glass rods are one part that plays a significant role in a laboratory setting.  “For a number of reasons, glass rods are crucial in lab settings. First off, glass is a material that is inert […]


In a world where precision and efficiency in glass production are crucial, Bovone consolidates its technological leadership with its BRS industrial robots for glass manufacturers. This robotic solution provides the international glass industry with the opportunity to truly breakthrough by offering an unprecedented upgrade in automation, speed and precision. Robots for glass manufacturers in Europe […]

Versatility of Quartz Makes It Essential says Quartz Scientific Inc. • QSI Quartz

As reported by Glass Forum in their article “QUARTZ GLASS 101: A VERSATILE MATERIAL FOR MODERN APPLICATIONS,” as more applications for quartz glass are discovered, we are reminded of how versatile of a material it really is. “It is a remarkable material that has found applications in optics, semiconductors, electronics, industrial processes, scientific research, medical […]

Quartz Scientific Inc. Explains Different Industrial Uses of Quartz • QSI Quartz

According to Unique Crystal Minerals in their article “Quartz Applications & Uses In Different Industries,” there are a wide variety of industries that use quartz in just as many different applications.  “Therefore, due to its abundance, crystalline nature, high thermal,  and chemical properties, quartz is employed in many large scale applications,” Unique Crystal Minerals said. […]