70 years younger with a new logo

The evolutionary rebranding of bovone: the new visual identity celebrates the company’s seventy years.

Bovone, a world leader in glass and stone processing machinery, celebrates its seventieth anniversary and proudly announces the constituent elements of its new visual identity.

Ovada, February 24th, 2024

The evolutionary rebranding of Bovone redesigns the graphic element of the logo and at the same time gives continuity to the tagline “Made in Excellence” to tell, on the occasion of this important seventieth anniversary, how Bovone’s excellence goes in the direction of innovation without forgetting the solidity of tradition.

The year 2024 marks a very important year for Bovone, which, along with its 70th birthday, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the market launch of the first vertical beveling machine ELB 180 and the 20th anniversary of Bovone Diamond Tools, the tool-making subsidiary.

“2024 is a very important year for us, a milestone for the company, an unmissable opportunity to confirm our standing in the market. The rebranding process that led to this new visual identity stems from the combination of tradition and technological innovation, to confirm to the international market that Bovone means technological leadership, solid reliability and quality excellence. The new logo reflects our vision for the future – a future that we continue to build on our heritage and experience – promoting innovation and quality without compromise.”

These are the words of Federica Bovone, the third generation at the helm of the company, to project the new corporate identity, a symbol of renewed confidence in the future.

The new graphic element, in line with current trends in visual design, aims at simplifying lines and will accompany the company in its relationships with the market through a modern and young look that is at the same time elegant, classic and prestigious.

new logo bovonenew logo bovone

The corporate image rebranding operation comes aboard the company’s overall strategies: Bovone making major investments in new technologies and is strengthening its technical and commercial strength to meet the new challenges that different target markets will want to pose to it.

The rebranding, downstream of the communication strategy of which it is an offspring, is not only a celebration of the anniversaries that animate the 2024 of the Bovone universe, but also a clear symbol of the intention of the leading company to put forth all the energy necessary to continue to be the technological excellence on which the international glass and stone industry can count.

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Since 1954 innovation and customization, flexibility and reliability, performance, quality and process speed have been the hallmarks of every Bovone product. In 70 years of manufacturing at the highest level, Bovone has established itself as a leading international supplier of stand-alone machines and full-line systems, accessories and tools for the secondary processing of glass and natural and synthetic stone. Bovone machines and systems combine high quality with process speed and high reliability.

Bovone is present in the market with its headquarters in Ovada, its direct subsidiary in the United States as well as an extensive network of distributors worldwide.


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