3 Tips for Glass Blowing Success

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Glass blowing is complex. It requires an artistic level of skill and a scientific amount of
knowledge to be successful. However, when you’re first learning how to use glass lathes, it is
hard to know what will help you become a success in the world of glass blowing. Here are three
tips to help you move in the right direction!

Take a Class

Glass blowing classes can make a huge difference in how you work. These classes can give
you a great place to start learning and can also help you approach your work with fresh eyes
and new ideas. You may learn many new techniques to try in your own glass manufacturing.
Even if you only plan on working with a glass lathe, you can still learn applicable skills.

Another benefit of taking a class is that you can meet local peers and be a part of a community.
Trade communities are a boundless well of information that you can tap into. If you’re ever
looking to sell your glass creations, being aware of fellow glass blowers is a great idea to help
you network.

Choose the Right Lathe For You

Once you have enough knowledge, skill, and confidence to start your own manufacturing, you
will need equipment. Due to the cost of a glass blowing lathe, it’s incredibly important for you to
make sure you pick the right glass lathe for your needs. There are some factors you need to
keep in mind when browsing glass lathes for sale. These include:

  • Cost of equipment
  • Size of workspace
  • Projects you will be working on
  • Do your research
  • Always buy from a trustworthy source

Taking all of this into consideration can really help you make the right decision as to what lathe
you should buy, whether it is a floor model, or a benchtop glass lathe. We offer three sizes of
Bench top lathes, and three sizes of floor model lathes so you are bound to find the perfect lathe
to fit your needs.

Take Care of Your Equipment

When you spend so much money investing in everything you need for glass blowing, you want to make sure to take care of it. Clean it regularly, and keep up with the maintenance on it. When your equipment breaks down, or malfunctions, it is impossible for you to successfully
manufacture products. You cannot succeed at glass blowing with broken tools.

At SEAM, we do what we can to help you be a success. We strive so you can thrive with the
use of our American assembled glass blowing lathes. Our customers are our top priority, and
have been since we started manufacturing glass blowing lathes in 2005. That’s why our
customer dedication does not start or end with purchase.

Feel free to contact us with questions about our lathes, how to find the right lathe for you, how to
care for your new lathe, and if there are any problems with your equipment. With nationwide and
international shipping, you can succeed in glass blowing regardless of where you live.

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