Monthly Archives: November 2023

Bovone’s vertical edging machines for stone: the driver of innovation, oriented by the search for maximum productivity and quality, gives birth to the Stonedge 15/45 radius model

In the field of stone processing, precision, finish quality and production efficiency are keys to a company’s success: Bovone’s vertical edging machines for stone represent a condensation of these characteristics. Among the Bovone edging machines range, the Stonedge 15/45 Radius model stands out along with the Stonedge 15/45 flat edge straight line grinding machine, for […]

Bovone obtains USA patent for BRS Bovone robotic System

Bovone has obtained a U.S. patent for BRS Bovone Robotic System, confirming its commitment to technological innovation, which has always been a founding pillar of the company. The patent, identified as Patent No.: US 11565362 B2, was filed by Bovone in January 2023 after an application process started in 2016. Issued by the United States […]

Bovone’s bevel machine for glass models

Bovone’s bevel machine for glass models: high innovation and quality ensure glassworks productivity and fine finishes. With more than half a century of experience in the industry, Bovone’s models of bevel machine for glass provide the market with the best solutions from the perspective of processing quality and productivity. Bovone’s first glass bevel machine capable […]

Innovation and excellence in glass working

In the world of glass working, Bovone has always been a benchmark for innovation, quality and reliability. In 1974, the year in which Bovone introduced the first straight-line bevelling machine into the flat glass production industry, a real milestone was deposited; a watershed moment in which automation entered a phase of glass manufacturing that until […]

ELB 9+2 the glass edge grinding polishing machine from Bovone: beyond standard grinding with groove and arris in one step

Bovone’s high specialization in the production of glass processing machines has enabled it to launch the Elb 9+2 glass edging polishing machine, an ambassador of a useful and appreciated technological innovation. Elb 9+2 is, in fact, a glass edge grinding and polishing machine that allows glass grooving and arrises in a single pass at very […]

Bovone stone straight-line edgers: discover how the pluses of the Stonedge 15/45 and Stonedge 15/45 radius models adhere to the needs of kitchen countertop manufacturers

The Stonedge 15/45 and Stonedge 15/45 Radius models represent the natural evolution of the Stonedge 11/45 model in the panorama of stone straight-line edgers. Among the range of straight-line edging machines for stone, the Stonedge 15/45 model is particularly suitable for the processing of kitchen countertops because, in addition to the possibility of simultaneous edging […]

Bovone’s robotic system glass processing guarantees more automation and speed

A lot of work in developing a new robotic system glass processing has been done in recent years in Bovone. The result is the BRS Bovone Robotic System for robotic glass processing. This system is designed to automate the production flow of glass edging, making it faster and more automatic. BRS is a robotic glass […]

Hybrid technology laminated glass oven is Bovone’s new milestone in state-of-the-art glass lamination processes.

Bovone’s new hybrid technology laminated glass oven currently and in anticipation of the coming years represents state-of-the-art equipment designed to provide maximum versatility during the glass lamination process. The glass laminating oven uses hybrid technology that integrates two heating systems that are completely independent of each other: a convection oven for laminated glass that integrates […]

Beveling of glass in the name of quality and convenience according to Bovone: the 251 and 252 models

The state of the art in beveling of glass was defined by Bovone in 1974, when the company introduced the first linear beveling machine to the market, thus revolutionizing the beveling of glass process, which, until then, was performed mainly in manual mode. Thanks to this innovation, Bovone reduced the time required to make the […]

Bovone and Bovone Diamond Tools together at Vitrum 2023 to celebrate 20 years of BDT

At the upcoming edition of Vitrum, Bovone and its sister company BDT will respond present at the Italian appointment with the world of glass. From September 5 to 8 at the Rho Fiera Milano exhibition center, the glass processing world will meet to present this year’s technology, and its innovations to the market and discussing […]