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Bovone and Bovone Diamond Tools together at Vitrum 2023 to celebrate 20 years of BDT

At the upcoming edition of Vitrum, Bovone and its sister company BDT will respond present at the Italian appointment with the world of glass. From September 5 to 8 at the Rho Fiera Milano exhibition center, the glass processing world will meet to present this year’s technology, and its innovations to the market and discussing […]

Bovone and Bovone Diamond Tools together at Marmomac: edging machines and diamond tools for edge polishers and machining centers

Bovone will be exhibiting at Marmomac, the benchmark trade fair for the stone processing industry, together with its sister company Bovone Diamond Tools. Sharing space is first and foremost sharing the founding values of these two companies, which, thanks in part to their synergies, are distinguished by the continuous innovative drive, quality and reliability of […]

Precision Glassblowing Techniques for Quartz Lab Wares

In the world of scientific research and experimentation, precision is paramount. To meet the demands of cutting-edge laboratories, precision glassblowing techniques have emerged as an indispensable art, particularly when working with quartz lab wares. Quartz glass, known for its exceptional properties of high purity, resistance to high temperatures, and excellent optical transparency, has become a […]

Quartz Scientific: Explores the Fascinating World of Quartz

According to, quartz is a remarkable mineral compound abundant in the Earth’s crust, consisting of silicon and oxygen atoms. Its chemical formula is silicon dioxide (SiO2), and its structure features a tetrahedral arrangement with one silicon atom bonded to four surrounding oxygen atoms. The crystal system of quartz is hexagonal, and it exists in […]

Properties and Applications of Quartz Glass Lab Wares

Quartz glass lab wares, also known as fused silica lab wares, have gained widespread recognition and utilization in scientific laboratories due to their exceptional properties and diverse applications. Derived from high-purity silica, quartz glass possesses unique physical and chemical characteristics that set it apart from traditional glass materials. One of the key properties of quartz […]

Quartz Scientific: Explores the Strength of Fused Silica Composites

According to a study conducted by Zhou et al. (2007) and featured on ScienceDirect, fused silica (fused silicon dioxide) is a silica glass known for its amorphous structure. Unlike regular glasses that contain various ingredients to lower the melting temperature, fused silica is pure, resulting in exceptionally high working and melting temperatures. The study also […]