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The Different Types of Glass Lathes

worker blowing glass in workshop

Historically speaking, the very first lathe is believed to date back to 1300 BC and was used bythe Ancient Egyptians. It was not used with glass, but it utilized the same principles that areeven used today. It wasn’t until around 1924 that the first ‘modern’ glass lathe was created tomake vacuum tubes. Glass blowing lathes, […]

How to Choose the Right Glass Lathe for You


Glass lathes, also called glass blowing lathes, are tools used by companies and hobbyists alike. Lathes rotate, expand, and shape glass for many different applications. One of the most well-known uses for a glass lathe is for scientific or medical purposes. The reason glass lathes are so popular for such precise work is because it […]

Burnout, expertise gaps plague EPA chemicals office

Key EPA programs are facing a steep staffing shortage that some employees worry will imperil critical chemicals work and certain Biden administration priorities, even as advocates say the agency has no real plan for fixing the problem. Parts of the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention lack badly needed personnel, according to agency staff, […]

Chemistry Glassware Names and Uses

What would a chemistry lab be without glassware? Common types of glassware include beakers, flasks, pipettes, and test tubes. Each of these containers has its own unique form and purpose. BeakersScience beakersYagi Studio / Getty ImagesBeakers are the workhorse glassware of any chemistry lab. They come in a variety of sizes and are used for […]

Quartz Tube and Rod Information

Quartz tube and rod consists of hollow and solid stock configurations of fused quartz materials. They function in an array of applications, including laboratories, semiconductors, sight gages, optics, pharmaceutical and industrial processes. Quartz is shock resistant, allowing it to withstand harsh environments. It possesses unique properties enabling its use in fields such as IC fabrication, […]

The real differences between used straight line edging machines and a Bovone reconditioned grinding machine

A reconditioned machine from Bovone is not simply one of the used straight line edging machines put back on the market, after undergoing an inspection to verify its good condition. A used automatic glass straight line edging machine, reconditioned according to Bovone is a machine that comes to life again, after a careful process of […]