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Quartz Glassware: A Scientific Secret Ingredient

Quartz glassware is the secret ingredient to many scientific experiments. It handles heat and cold without cracking, remains inert to most chemicals and does not interact with light, a quality that makes it perfectly transparent. It doesn’t change shape and remains hard when cold, but becomes flexible when hot. “Fused quartz implies crystals, but it’s […]

Everything you want to know about glassware in the lab

While chemists and researchers are making increased use of plastic in the laboratory, glass is still the choice of many. Obviously, deciding whether glass or plastic is right for the job at hand depends on various elements such as instrument design, material characteristics, and cost. But glass is the choice of many for many good […]

Bovone’s ELB 102: perfect edge flatness guaranteed by bovone’s straight-line edging machine for flat edge

The perfect edge flatness guaranteed by Bovone’s Elb102 straight line edging machine for flat edge is closely linked to a distinctive and exclusive technical feature that cuts across the entire range of Bovone edging machines. Elb 102, a straight line flat edging machine, is equipped with a grinding wheel train consisting of ten wheels, the […]

Updating your lab equipment? Essential tips to help you make the right choices

Choosing the right laboratory equipment from the right company can be difficult. This is especially true with potential supply-chain issues that could cause delays in delivery. In this video, David Cox shares some top tips from Corning Life Sciences on essential things to think about when choosing lab equipment for the modern laboratory, plus what […]

Common Chemistry Lab Glassware

Let’s take a look at the most common chemistry lab glassware. From chemistry to cell culture, there is one thing all science laboratories will always have infinite use for – glassware. Scientific glassware has been in use for centuries, starting with ancient Phoenicians, who used campfires to melt and fuse obsidian into useful tools. We’ve […]